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Sanskrit is one of the most important languages of the Indo-European family and has a very rich and continuous history of nearly 5,000 years. As a result of the patient and laborious comparative study of the various languages like Sanskrit, Old Persian, Greek, Latin, German and English in the beginning of the 19th century, it has been shown by the scholars that all these can be traced back to a common source, which is termed as Proto-Indo-European. Sanskrit is universally recognized as the language containing the earliest literature in the world; one or two other languages may contain some earlier inscriptions, but not a whole literature. Sanskrit is for spiritual upliftment and a mode of Hindu survival. It is also the best language for computer science as per NASA being used as Computer language. Moreover, Sanskrit is recognized as ‘Mother’ of all languages and also classical language of India, which is interlinked with Indo-Aryans and Davidians as well.

So far, Sanskrit Education is concerned in Sikkim, the first Sanskrit Pathsala was established by His Majesty, the Maharaja of Sikkim, late P.T. Namgyal at Lingmoo (South) Sikkim in 1964 in his personal interest. It was after 1975 that many Sanskrit Pathsalas have been established in Sikkim. Further, it may be noted here that under the visionary and dynamic leadership of ShriPawanChamling, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim, a Govt. Sanskrit College was setup in 1997. Since then, it has been affiliated to Sampurnananda,Sanskrit University, Varanasi, U.P.

The College has altogether 64 Rooms in RCC buildings with sufficient accomodation for both Academic and Administrative blocks.Further, the residential hostel is being planned. Altogethe, the College has 18 acres registered land in its name under HRDD, Government of Sikkim. The entire compound is well planned with beautiful gardens, a statue of Adhi Kabi Bhanu Bhakta has been installed and Lush green scenic beauties facing towards Mount Khanchendzonga, “The guardian deity of Sikkim”. Furthermore, the college has its play ground and sufficient toilet facilities.

The college has a well equipped library having 800 books. The books per child is 17 nos however, we need new editions and journal including course books. The books avialable in the library are for Sahitya, Vyakaran, Jyotish, Astrologocal calculations, Dharmasastra, Dictionary, Nitisastra, Kamsutrum, Grahasanti vidi and Karmakanda, Darshansastra, Nepali, Hindi English, Vedas, Puranitihas, CharakSanhita, Naya and itihas etc.

NAAC Peer team visit:

The two day long NAAC Peer team visit from 17-18/02/2019 has been concluded with good remark. The three member NAAC peer team comprised of the following:-

  1. Chairmen –Dr. Prof Yogesh Chandra Dubay, Vice Chancellor,Jagatguru Rambhadracharya Handicapped University,Chitrakot UP.
  2. Member Coordinator- Dr. Kiran Hajarika, Principal, Tengakhat College, Dibrugarh, Assam
  3. Member- Mr Ravikumar KR, Ex Director, Commissioner of Collegiate Education, Karnataka.

All members reached here in Sikkim(Gangtok) on 16th February 2019 and start their visit of Government Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya Samdong on 17th and 18th  February 2019. As per the Peer team observation and remarks on college is satisfactory.  After completion of their two days visit they return back with positive comments by which the college fraternity has inspired and busted to make more progress the all round development of the institution.
Our main objectives are:
• To establish as a National and International Centre of study, teaching and research in Sanskrit benefiting to the state, neighbouring states, Nepal, Bhutan including some of the Asian countries.
• Collaboration at the national and international level.
• Teachers’ and students’ exchange programme.
• To co-ordinate in between the oriental and occidental thoughts along with preserving the ancient and enriched traditions.
• To provide the traditional method of study, teaching etc. in Sanskrit language and the subjects connected with them on the ancient lines.
• To provide evaluate the Indian culture, the base language of which was Sanskrit, and other old and new languages of Asia related thereto.
• To study and do research works in the comparative critical study of Indian culture and other cultures so that it may be co-ordinated with the human culture.
• To produce new and talented scholars well versed in the knowledge of traditional Sanskrit with thorough knowledge of modern thoughts, and to make them capable of carrying on comparative study on modern lines.
• To expand, spread and develop the Sanskrit language and the Indian culture in all directions.
• To collect and publish rare Sanskrit books and to revise, edit and publish important Sanskrit manuscripts in book form.
Further, it may be noted here that there are 08 Universities having departments of Sanskrit in India. In the North-East there is one and only Sanskrit University in Assam i.e. Kumar BhaskarVarma Sanskrit and Ancient Studies University (Nalbari, Assam). Keeping in view the significance of Sanskrit language in higher learning, the visionary leader, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim has recently declared Sikkim Sanskrit University in the state to be established with an objective to promote, preserve traditions, customs and equipping the learners to get on with the business of life in a meaningful way hand in hand with inculcating in them the warmth of the great paths and further promoting various researches in their specific areas at the level of Post Graduation, M. Phil, Phd. and Post Doctoral Degrees etc. The inner beauty of these new establishments may be highly appreciated towards preservation , promotion and conservation of value based education in the society being very futuristic vision of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Sikkim.


College is celebrating various program in College such as Janai Purnima, Bhasa Maniyata  Dewas , Janmasthami (Birth of Lord Krishna ) Hindi Diwas including Cultural, Sports and NSS activities etc..

Janai Purnima

Janai Purnima  a one of the traditional and holy festival of Hindu  Celebrated on 15th of August Along with the Celebration of Independent day by hosting of our National Flag.

Bhasa Manayata Dewas

Bhasa Manayata Dewas was celebrated on 20th August in the college auditorium.  The beginning of the program was started with the offering of gar-lent to the statue of Adi  Kabi Bhanu Bhakta by our Chef Guest Shri Pravin Rai ‘jumeli’  . Even the Sibling of  sami was planted for the good will of the future of the college.

Student Representative Council of  our College organized literary and cultural programs. The following events were organized in colorful manner.

  1. Debit between Govt.Sanskrit College Samdong and NBBDC Tadong.
  2. Quiz competition between Makha SSS ,Samdong SSS , Dikchu SSS and Secondary Section of SMV.
  3. Poem Competition between Makha SSS ,Samdong SSS , Dikchu SSS and Secondary Section of SMV.
  4. Poem Competition between SMV(Sanskrit Mahavidayala ,Samdong ) and NBBDC Tadong.
  5. Cultural Programme.


On 23th August Sibling of different trees like cherry, Pine etc. Were planted around the College Campus With the collaboration with SBI (State Bank of India) .Branch Manager of SBI Samdong branch Mrs. Lama interact with staff and student  of SMV regarding the banking System.


2nd October 2019

College observed Fit and run and Plastic free campaign in and around the colleges.



RUSA team Visited in College for the Inquiry of College Requirement and they even inspected  college


8th November to 22nd  November 2019

Manuscriptology And Paleography Workshop(Basic Level) was held in college campus and it was sponsored by National Mission for Manuscripts,Ministry of Culture,Govt.of India,New Delhi.

14th November 2019

Children’s Day is celebrated in India to increase awareness of the rights, care and education of children. It is held on 14 November every year as a tribute to India’s First Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, fondly known as ‘Chacha Nehru’ among children, he advocated for children to have fulfilled education.[1] On this day, many educational and motivational programs are held across India, by and for the children.

So Our College have also held a short program to Motivate a Children in the field of different sports and games and to enjoy them self on the Dance Flores,and some of the teacher engaged them-self in preparing delicious lunch for beloved Students and it was really delicious.So the day was passed with a Colorful moment because all the student were enjoying themself.



15 October 2020

IQAC meeting

A meeting was held in Principal’s office in collaboration with IQAC of the institute to discuss on following points.

  1.   Submission of AQAR to NAAC of the institution.
  2.  online lecture series (व्याख्यानैकादशी) of various Departments. the scan copy of minute of meeting is uploaded.

Minute of meeting first page      Minute of meeting second page  


Organize a webinar on Sanskrit in NEP (National Education Policy ).



On 23 Dec 2020

Govt. Sanskrit College organized online video conferencing program through Google Meet. The topic on which the program was held  was  the Importance of Sanskrit as Common Language. There was the member from different Institution and organization was present to share their  views.

24 July 2021

13th July 2021

Bhanu Jayanti falls on the 29th day of month of Ashad in Nepali calendar .So According to normal calendar Bhanu Jayanti is celebrated on 13th of July every year. The day is celebrated by Government of Nepal as well.

Bhanubhakta Acharya

Bhanubhakta Acharya was a Nepali poet, writer and translator. He translated epic Ramayana from Sanskrit into Nepali.

He was revered with the title “Adikavi” (the first poet) of Nepali language.

So on this special occasion and pandemic time because of Covid-19 our College was very much successful in organizing this special day for paying tribute for his dedicated work by celebrating  Bhanu Jayanti.

Mode of organizing Program was done online as well as offline.

२०७ औं भानु जयन्ती समारोह प्रतियोगिको नाम 

कार्यक्रम तालिका ११

चयनित लिस्ट

15Th July 2021

7 Th September 2021



रजतजयन्त्यवसरे श्रीगणेशचतुर्थी-कार्यक्रमः
अद्य 10/09/2021 तमे दिनांके शुक्रवासरे सर्वकारीयसंस्कृत-महाविद्यालयस्य रजतजयन्तीवर्षमभिलक्ष्य क्रियमाणेषु कार्यक्रमेषु गणेशचतुर्थीपर्वणः विषये विदुषां व्याख्यानकार्यक्रमः अन्तर्जालीयमाध्यमेन समायोजितः। अस्य व्याख्यानकार्यक्रमस्य प्रेरकाः अध्यक्षाश्च महाविद्यालयस्य प्राचार्याः श्रीमन्तः शिवप्रसादपोख्रेलवर्याः आसन्, आयोजकः साहित्यविभागीयः डॉ. हेमन्तकुमारनेपालवर्यः आसीत्, कार्यक्रमस्य संयोजकः सञ्चालकश्च पुराणेतिहासविभागीयो डॉ. केशवपोख्रेलः आसीत् । अस्मिन् कार्यक्रमे मुख्यवक्तृरूपेण व्याकरणविभागीयः प्राध्यापकः डॉ. लिलाधरभट्टराईमहोदयः अस्माकं सनातनपरम्परायां भगवतः गणेशस्य कीदृशं महत्त्वं विद्यते, गणेशचतुर्थीपर्वणः को महिमा, किमर्थमस्माभिः एवंविधानां विशिष्टानां पर्वणाम् आयोजनं परिपालनञ्च विधेयम् इत्यादिविषये विद्वत्तापूर्णं ज्ञानविस्तारकं शोधपरकञ्च व्याख्यानं प्रस्तुतवान् । एवमेव सञ्चालकेनापि भगवान् गणेशः किमर्थम् समस्तदेवपूजनाग्रगण्यो वर्तते, भगवतो गणेशस्य आराधनया तद्भक्तानां प्रकर्षोन्नतिः भौतिकदृष्ट्या आध्यात्मिकदृष्ट्या च कथं जायते इत्यादिविषये छात्रहिताय स्वविचाराः प्रस्तुताः। अनेनैव प्रकारेण स्वाध्यक्षीयोद्बोधनक्रमे प्राचार्यैः श्रीमद्भिः शिवप्रसादपोख्रेलवर्यैः अतीवरमणीयशैल्या अस्माकं सर्वेषामपि ज्ञानाभिवृद्धये पाञ्चायनदेवतापूजनावसरे भगवतो गणेशस्य स्थानं किमर्थं विशिष्यते, पृथिवीजलतेजवाय्वाकाशाख्येषु पञ्चतत्वेषु भगवतः गणेशस्य किं स्थानम्, कथं भगवान् गणेशः दीर्घकर्णः, लम्बोदरः, सूक्ष्माक्षी, सुदीर्घनासिकः इत्यादिविषयेषु विशिष्टतमं ज्ञानप्रदञ्च व्याख्यानं प्रस्तुतम् ।
अस्मिन् महनीये कार्यक्रमे महाविद्यालस्य प्रायः सर्वेषामपि अध्यापकानां कर्मचारिणां विर्द्याथिनां च समुपस्थितिरासीत् । अयं ज्ञानयज्ञः विशालबुद्धेः समस्तविघ्नहर्तुः भगवतो गणेशस्य प्रसादतः निर्विघ्नतापूर्वकं सुसम्पन्नतां गतः।
गणेशः विघ्नहर्तासौ मंगलानाञ्च मंगलः ।
शं कुर्यात् सर्वदास्माकं महाविद्यालयस्य च ।।

24th Sep 2021



26th November 2021

Celebration of Samvidhan Diwas
November 26, 2021 

Resource Person: Dewen Sharma Luitel (M.A. L.L.B).
Advocate, High Court
of Sikkim.
 Special lecture on : Importance of fundamental Rights & Duties.’
मौलिकाधिकाराणां तथा कर्त्तव्यानां महत्त्वम् इति विषये व्याख्यानम्
Organized by : Govt. Sanskrit College & Sanskrit Department Sikkim State University in collaboration of IQAC Govt. Sanskrit College, Samdong.

For further details you contact us on given following  Address:

SAMDONG, East Sikkim
Pin: 737107
Contact Number: +91-9475243179
E-mail ID:gscsamdong@gmail.com
Web address: www.sgcsanskrit.in